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Derek Hachey

Managing Partner

Before becoming a Life Insurance Advisor, I was declined coverage not once but twice because of a kidney condition that I had since a young age.

I thought no-way would I ever be able to get Life Insurance, but I came to find out that there are Great Life Insurance providers in Canada that would approve me! I can breathe easier knowing that my family won’t be distracted with financial burdens while they are grieving.

Now the agents that I dealt with just didn’t know about those Life Insurance companies. They only knew the company that they worked for and that was it.

That’s one of the main reasons why I founded Canadian Life Insurance Guides and gained access to most Life Insurance Providers in Canada, so that no one who comes to us would have to go through the same experience that I went through.

The good news here is that we can get you peace of mind at the lowest cost!

Jennifer Magel

Managing Partner

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