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Corporate Estate Planning

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What Clients Are Saying About Us

We dealt with Dereck H. who guided us very professionally. Very knowledgeable and detailed oriented individual who made this pension process so easy for us. Very accessible too as there was time when we had multiple meetings during one week. I would highly recommend him to every one out there who is looking for any future or pension investments.

Qamar Elahi Avatar Qamar Elahi

Derek is very professional and knowledgeable about the products he is selling. Also a great guy to deal with. Would highly recommend him.

Kevin d'Entremont Avatar Kevin d'Entremont

Great support from Susan. She answered all my questions clearly and I will gladly recommend this company to anyone who wants to be insured wisely!

Michaela Marie Avatar Michaela Marie

Had the pleasure of dealing with Derek. He made the process very easy to understand and had us set with a great life insurance plan.

Dennis Campbell Avatar Dennis Campbell

Patiently explained the products in detail as well as presenting many other options to choose from. In my case, premium was as advertised.

Monday Noutouglo Avatar Monday Noutouglo

Very nice and professional. Gives you lot off information about the specific product according to your need .

Vidur Mahendru Avatar Vidur Mahendru

Derek Hachey was very responsive to our needs. He answered our questions, provided multiple options and helped us get through the process easily and efficiently. I would recommend his services to others.

Dave&Jocelyn Hernandez Avatar Dave&Jocelyn Hernandez

Derek is a thorough professional. I had zero knowledge about life insurance. He took the time to explain everything in detail in many sittings, let me choose the right coverage and package, increased my knowledge in this subject, and most of all, let me decide patiently on what is best for me. I would certainly recommend him to all my friends and family for getting the best possible coverage.

Salman Rizvi Avatar Salman Rizvi

Derek has been great to discuss retirement plans and insurance with. I always come away from our meetings feeling like I've learned something.

Brad H Avatar Brad H

My wife and I had the pleasure of dealing with Chris Vandersterre. The process was fast, easy and Chris was very detailed and thorough with all the information. Would highly recommend.

Liam de Romer Brisland Avatar Liam de Romer Brisland

Patiently explained the products in detail as well as presenting many other options to choose from. In my case, premium was as advertised.

Monday Noutouglo Avatar Monday Noutouglo

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Tax Advantaged Regular Life and Critical Illness Coverage

As a Business Owner, your corporation affords you a significant tax advantage to get Term Life Insurance & Critical Illness coverage. 

Not only can the Term Life Insurance coverage benefit your business by covering your business liquidity needs at Death, but the death benefit can also be paid tax free to your surviving shareholder family member(s).  So this coverage can also protect your personal income, your personal vehicles and even your mortgage!

The Critical Illness coverage, which pays a benefit (e.g. $100,000) once you are diagnosed for 30 days with a critical illness like Heart Attack, Stroke and Life Threatening Cancer.  The premiums can be paid by the corporation, and if the split-dollar CI option is employed, the premiums can be paid back to the business owner directly tax-free!

What happens to this type of Life Insurance if I decide to close my corporation? These policies are highly flexible and can be moved to your personal ownership without any tax consequences in the vast majority of cases.

Business Overhead Expense Coverage

Running a successful business involves juggling numerous expenses, from rent and utilities to salaries and day-to-day operational costs. What happens, though, if a key member of your team is unable to work due to illness or injury? This is where Business Overhead Expense Coverage steps in. This specialized insurance ensures that your business operations continue seamlessly during unexpected disruptions by covering essential overhead expenses. Whether it’s keeping the lights on, meeting payroll, or managing other crucial costs, our Business Overhead Expense Coverage provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what matters most – the continued success of your business. Don’t let unforeseen circumstances jeopardize your business; safeguard its financial stability with Business Overhead Expense Coverage.

Corporate Tax Advantaged Wealth Growth & Estate Planning

Protect your Corporate Wealth from the #1 wealth destroyer: TAXES!  Learn how your wealth can grow Tax Deferred and even Tax Free inside your corporation for your long term needs such as estate planning and retirement.  Learn how to protect your gains from taxes and to implement effective trust structures that can further relieve taxation burdens and ensure that Wealth can be effectively transferred to whomever or whatever organization you wish it to go to.

Group Benefits for a Thriving Workplace

At Canadian Life Insurance Guides, we prioritize the holistic well-being of your employees, recognizing that a healthy workforce is the cornerstone of a successful business. Our comprehensive Group Benefits package is designed to create a positive and supportive work environment. Within our offering, you’ll find Group Life Insurance, providing crucial financial security for employees and their families in uncertain times. Our Group Health & Dental Benefits extend beyond traditional coverage, aiming to enhance the overall health and vitality of your team. Additionally, we offer Group Savings options, including Group RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plans), empowering your employees to plan for their financial future. By providing a suite of benefits that address health, financial security, and retirement planning, you not only attract top talent but also foster a workplace culture where your team feels valued, motivated, and invested in the long-term success of your business. Choose Canadian Life Insurance Guides for Group Benefits that truly prioritize the health and happiness of your workforce.

Amplify Your Impact with Charitable Giving Amplification

At Canadian Life Insurance Guides, we believe in making a positive and lasting impact on the community. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our Charitable Giving Amplification program. With this initiative, we go beyond traditional corporate philanthropy, sometimes doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your charitable giving capacity. We understand the importance of corporate social responsibility, and through our program, we aim to magnify your contributions, ensuring your support reaches further and makes a more significant difference. Whether you’re passionate about supporting local causes, global initiatives, or specific community projects, our Charitable Giving Amplification program allows your business to play a pivotal role in creating positive change. Join us in maximizing your corporate social impact and leaving a legacy of compassion and generosity. Together, we can amplify the reach of your charitable giving and make a meaningful difference in the world.