Free Will Kit

So if both you and your spouse pass away…

  • Who’s going to take care of your children?
  • Who’s going to receive what?
  • Who’s going to manage your money for your children?
  • What happens to the house? etc.

Would you want the power to answer these questions or do you want some other random person in your life deciding this?

The good news is that you can answer these questions, you can make your wishes known, and for many families, these documents can be prepared for FREE! Click here or the LawDepot banner below to get started. doesn’t just do wills, but they also do (Springing) Power of Attorneys and Living Wills (Health Care Directives), along with dozens of other legal documents in family law, real estate, finance, etc. The platform is easy to use, just answer a few questions and it generates your documents for you.

When you start a LegalDepot subscription, there is a 7-day free trial. So make sure that you are ready to devote a few hours over a couple of days when you start your subscription to complete your documents. You may also want to consider a Living Will and a Springing Power of Attorney (to do a Springing Power of Attorney, start out with an Enduring Power of Attorney and select “Yes” when prompted for a Springing Power of Attorney).

Once you’ve created your documents, you can download them as PDF and execute them (see here for more info). You can then cancel the subscription once you are done and you can start it up again if or when you would need it.

You can also keep this subscription active, and with us, you will qualify for a 15% discount on the subscription. Click here to get started.

Please note that Canadian Life Insurance Guides or its agents are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice.  The will kit resources referenced on these pages are to be used at your own risk, and consult a lawyer if you have any legal questions.