Jr. Wealth Builder

Start Your Child’s Financial Foundation

(including the option for extra up to 15% bonus on RESPs)

Financial Foundation with Jr. Wealth Builder

Provides Tax-Free Growth for your child that they can use towards:

  • Any education or course program in Canada or abroad
  • First home down payment
  • Fund downpayment for property investment(s) (if they want)
  • Fund any other business opportunity (if they want)
  • Greater Cash Value Growth Potential

Jr. Wealth Builder Sample Illustration






Projected Cash Value





Projected Coverage





Jr. Wealth Builder sample illustration is based on a $225 monthly premium for twenty years, starting when the child is less than 1 year old. Cash and life insurance values are based on a Universal Life policy growing at a constant rate of 7% per year from a Canadian Life Insurance Company. These values are strictly for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed

Complement Jr. Wealth Builder with RESPs

A Jr. Wealth Builder Policy can be complemented with an RESP. In addition to the Federal Government providing 20% Grants on some of the RESP contributions.  We also have access to a special RESP program where you can also qualify for up to an additional 15% bonus on your elligible RESP investments.