Money if You're Hurt and Can't Work!

If you got hurt and couldn’t work, how many weeks would you last before you couldn’t pay your bills?

Did you know that WCB only covers you (if you are eligible) for workplace-related injury or illness?

Did you know that 1 in 5 workers will experience a disability before age 65?**

Your most valuable asset is your Income, why not protect it for pennies on the dollar?


Meet the Next Generation of Accidental Disability Income Protection!

Francis, 34 Years Old Smoker

Self-Employed Electrician Eligible

for $1,944,000 Tax-Free Benefits

Monthly Premium: $43.57

Hank, 39 Non-Smoker

Long Haul Trucker Eligible

for $1,822,800 Tax-Free Benefits

Monthly Premium: $143.91

Laura, 44 Non-Smoker

Building Inspector Eligible

for $1,653,600 in Tax-Free Benefits

Monthly Premium: $44.10

No Medical Tests & Fast Approvals!